My name is Elizabeth MacKenzie, but please call me Beth. I am a Social Worker and Community Advocate here in Prince George's County.

I’ve spent most of my career involved in public policy or legislation in one form or another. After completing a Master’s of Social Work in community organizing and public policy from the University of Michigan, I started my career in the U.S Senate, where I helped to develop and negotiate bipartisan immigration and healthcare legislation.  When I left the Hill, I lobbied on behalf of Medicaid directors and ultimately worked for the state of Colorado, where I managed the development of a program to allow adults with disabilities to buy into Medicaid and receive benefits while continuing to work.

In 2012, I took a break from the government to start my own business, a gourmet s’mores company called Fluffed Up Desserts.  The job got more challenging once our twins arrived, but I eventually managed to get my products accepted into several local grocery stores, including Whole Foods.  I sold the business shortly before running for Ward 6 council member.

As the representative for Ward 6, I worked on improving town and council communications with Cheverly residents.  I published a semi-regular newsletter with information from our town meetings and work sessions, and I worked with Chief Towers to implement a townwide alert system, which would allow any resident who opts in to receive real-time notifications about public safety issues by the method (text/email/phone) of their choice.  I  also worked to improve the accessibility of town facilities, securing an automatic door for the community center and pushing for a new accessible playground. 

Since my term on council ended I've been working with legislators and organizations to connect working people across Maryland with their state and local legislators. 


During my time on council I was able to work with allies and community leaders to achieve some great
  • Expanded the types of activities available at the gym
  • Secured approval for an accessible playground
  • Increased town staff base wage to $15/hour
  • Brought the library to the community market
  • Adopted a text alert system


Beth MacKenzie